There's nothing like the perfect shoe to make you feel great and ready to conquer your world. At Shoe Lovers, we connect you to the shoes you'll love, and you shape the shoes we produce.

Shoe Lovers was launched out of frustration with the current shoe shopping experience. Shoes are manufactured based on what a small group of fashion forecasters think we'll want, not what we actually want. As a result, there's a massive amount of waste in the industry, and we're constantly sold shoes we don't actually want. We started by launching a Facebook page, where we asked Shoe Lovers to share the shoes they were loving, so we could produce the shoes they wanted. When our audience literally grew exponentially, we knew we were onto something.

At Shoe Lovers, our mission is to produce the shoes you want, not the shoes we think you'll want. We curate the hottest new looks based on your style, you tell us what you're liking and want to buy, and we produce the shoes that will make you feel great. Our shoes are literally made from love.

If you've ever wanted to really own your style, to feel confident in your shoes, and be a creative force in the shoes you'll wear next, then Shoe Lovers is for you.

We're just getting started, so stay tuned for new collections and features that will connect you with your style. Our new apps are rolling out in both English and Spanish, with an initial focus on customers in North and Latin America. To get started, shop our latest collection, and join 28 million others in influencing the shoes we make next. You can discover more and join our community by visiting